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Your hair is like an asset to you. You cannot take them lightly. Even if you are trying out different techniques, treatment or smoothening on your hair; you have to ensure that your hair is in good condition. You can always ensure that your hair is effective, safe and most importantly strong. Indeed, silky smooth gorgeous hair is a dream of any person. However, maintaining it in that way is not at all a cakewalk. The common hair issues you face are split ends and that of extensive breakage, dandruff, dry and even damaged hair, etc. Go through this blog section to learn more on hair care after smoothing.


It is hard to avoid dryness and damage even if you take proper care of your hair. Three layers are there in each hair strands. The medulla is the inner layer, which is bounded by the middle layer, the cortex. The outer layer is known as the cuticle. The cuticle is the layer that safeguards your hair, and when it is spoiled, your hair becomes dried out and fragile. All of the chemical inputs, together with factors like heat, pollution, and the sun, are bound to have repercussions in the form of damaged hair. To repair damaged hair, you must follow some rigorous healthy tips for hair.


It is a wrong notion that only women are hair conscious and love to visit the parlor or use beauty products. Men for ages sported long hair and do appear good and healthy when well maintained. But pollution, extreme weather, and stress have been resulting in baldness in men. Previously, baldness was limited to those getting aged. But now, even people in their middle ages are experiencing this issue. Go through this blog to learn hair growth tips for men.